With an interesting twist on a challenge to create my own beer brand and the packaging with it I went through a lot of back and forth concepts on the brand identity and how I wanted this to look ending with a collage based-athlete focused non-alcoholic brand. 

Projessor Caleb

As you will notice I chose a variety of off white colors as the backgrounds of these cans in order to not take away from the images being placed on them. They have a bold but minimalist look outside of the athlete in the middle. These designs took many different tweaks and changes to develop but have gotten much closer to mimicing each other in style to work well together but can still be their own when seperated.

For my mood board above I was initially planning on making a more photographic collage style design for the cans and it was going to be more focused on the drink being strong. The ABV% would be the constant logo but the number would change.For my first few designs above you can see the first collage I made and how I was thinking to potentially use it. The 9%ABV on the can was my first logo design finish with this concept and it didn’t stray too far from this at the end.