Kid Cudi Music Catalogue
Tasked with creating a music catalogue with a specific style, I chose Kid Cudi with a 1960s psychedlic style. I took a spin on the usual music catalogue style and went with a hanging calendar style, showing a new poster design with each page turn. The closed cover doubles as another poster when opened with the back cover. My goal was to maintain coherence between pages while also showing various psychedelic poster colors, symbols, and patterns from that era.

Professor Keith Sommers

-Front Cover & One album list spread
-Front cover with back cover opened

These were definitely not my first finishes and I had a few prior designs before really understanding the look of a 60’s poster. Intially some of my designs were significantly different from each other and in order to have a more coherent piece I picked a specific style and kept to it as seen above. 
The two images on the left and the top image in the middle were some of my first designs trying to get a psychedlic wavy effect. When looking at them they do seem psychedelic, however it was too modern of a replication. 
I then moved to the bottom middle design to make a more 60’s feeling. With more research I found that the text overlays most of the images and the text itself is wavy, which led to me changing yet again to the final images you saw above.
For the Image on the right I wanted to seperate the table of contents from the rest of the posters/pages by doing a line motion psychedlic effect, but once again I changed this to make the entire piece more cohesive.