Science Trip 
This book merges knowledge from psychedelic experiences with visuals inspired by psilocybin-induced trips. As a personal challenge, I had to learn a lot more about Photoshop to create complex and abstract imagery. Despite lacking a personal psychedelic experiences, my meticulous research resulted in what I believe to be a visually stunning piece, translating the essence of these experiences into a flat image that can come to life with the use of augmented reality.

In depth Case Study
Professor Scott Laserow

For the photoshopped elements I had to embrace a learning curve due to the lack of experience I had with this type of photoshopping, I made a lot of different designs and patterns throughout and with the gallery above you can see which ones I thought were the best. With some experimental design the translucent pages would be acetate to allow for a see through effect so you don’t lose the images and will add a trippy effect of the type over the designs. Below there are some designs that will look similar to each other but that was a part of my experimentation, I was able to make many differet effects on the same image utilizing the layers and ended up with the one I liked most.